Thank you for visiting the website of the CSA Oceania – the Council of the Swiss Abroad representing the Swiss community of Oceania!


The CSA Oceania consists of a team of six elected council members. Our mission is to support and defend the interests of Swiss citizens living in Oceania, the region comprised of the English-speaking countries and territories under the diplomatic jurisdiction of the Swiss embassies in Canberra and Wellington.  


We are in regular contact with the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad and government authorities in Bern, as well as Swiss groups and organisations and Swiss consular representations in our region.


Some of the recent topics and achievements are:

  • Supporting of e-voting to be (re-)introduced for all Swiss;
  • Lobbying for better Swiss bank conditions and lower fees for Swiss Abroad;
  • Defending payment of the the Swiss AHV/AVS in New Zealand; 
  • Organising bi-annual conferences to strengthen ties and improve exchange between Swiss groups, Consulate General and authorities in Bern;
  • Creating communication channels like this website, FB CSA Oceania and an e-newsletter to reach out and facilitate contact between the CSA and Swiss in our region. 

Please contact us if we can be of any assistance or if you have an experience to share.


Carmen Trochsler SA, Roland Isler VIC, Katja Wallimann Gates QLD, Beat Knoblauch NSW and Peter Ehrler NZ