Play Aussie Rules Football for Switzerland at the Harmony Cup!

Australian Football International has invited the Swiss Community to field a team at the 2017 Aussie Rules Harmony Cup in Melbourne on Sunday, 2 April.


This is an opportunity for players of Swiss heritage to represent our country of origin and play at an, ahem, international level.


To qualify, players must be over 16 years of age and either be a Swiss national, or be born in Switzerland, or have at least a parent or grandparent born in Switzerland. Swiss nationality is not compulsory. Do you know anyone who can play Aussie Rules who would qualify? If yes, please let them know!


The cost is $200 per player and it includes the uniform: jumper, shorts and socks. N.B.: Sponsorships are invited and would reduce the cost to individual players.


Time is of the essence, since this opportunity was offered at very short notice.


The team is also looking for sponsors to have their logos included on the playing uniform. Deadline for bookings and submission of artwork is 10 February 2017.


All interested persons please contact Rémy Favre 0412 135 095, email 


More information on FB or their website.