Summary of Proceedings at the CSA Meeting in Montreux on 16 August 2019


CSA elections in 2021: because the Swiss e-voting systems are on hold until further notice, direct election via e-voting of the CSA delegates (as per pilot projects in Australia and Mexico in 2016) will not be possible. The CSA Delegates in Australia will have the job to organise the next elections without certainty of assistance at this stage. Importance is given to umbrella organisations in countries where they exist, which will have the task to organise fair and democratic elections. Default solution is the ‘old System’ each country carried in the past.



At the great ‘Fête des Vignerons’ in Vevey, a delegation of the Young Swiss Abroad was invited to take part in the parade.



News from the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA): they are working on a new ‘Political Vision 2028’, entailing, improving, curtailing and remodelling their services to the Swiss Abroad. Also: limiting further digitalisation where not appropriate.



Financial situation of the OSA: the treasurer reassured the meeting that the current finances allow for a normal course of business but does not allow for special projects or emergency situations. Therefore, he stressed that the motion brought forward previously by CSA Delegate Beat Knoblauch, i.e. to broaden the income basis of the OSA, is being taking seriously and is pursued.


A special OSA project is being planned: merging of all current three OSA websites into one. A budget of some CHF320K is envisaged for this project. FDFA supports the move with a special grant of CHF100K. We were told that the initiative is necessary to maintain an efficient relationship with the sponsors and other supporters, besides making it easier for passing on messages to the readers.



Social Security of the Swiss Abroad remains a core task for the OSA. The Swiss Abroad face different problems with transfer of pension, old age or other insurance payments from CH to their countries of residence. A resolution was accepted asking the Swiss authorities to safeguard the social security rights of the Swiss living in EU countries, where about 450'000 Swiss Abroad live.



Swiss Federal Elections – 20 October 2019: the OSA will prepare an overview of political parties and their pattern of voting in respect of issues regarding the Swiss Abroad. During the meeting all Swiss Parliamentarians who are also CSA Delegates were positioning themselves in regard to the issues of the Swiss Abroad.



SwissInfo has a new App: SWIplus


This covers the most relevant issues of the CSA meeting


The next CSA meeting will be held in Berne on Saturday, 14 March 2020 and the Congress will take place on Friday, 21 August 2020 in Lugano.


Beat Knoblauch, CSA Delegate 

Montreux, 17 August 2019