Coronavirus – a message from the Swiss Government


Dear fellow Swiss


As you are all aware the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is quickly spreading around the world but the World Health Organisation (WHO) has not changed its warning level (public health emergency of international concern) since January 30, 2020.


However, national and international health authorities are continuing to monitor the development of the situation, informing their populations and recommending precautionary measures.


The Australian government has now formally announced the start of an emergency response plan (The Australian Health Sector Emergency Response Plan). Travel advices as well as travel restrictions are updated as deemed necessary.


We advise you to familiarise yourselves with the information and follow the recommendations of the Australian Departments of Health and Home Affairs.


Please also follow the recommendations of the WHO as well as the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and consult the website of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), travel advice, "Focus Coronavirus".


•  Australian Department of Health Website

•  Australian Department of Home Affairs (Immigration/Travel Advice) Website

•  WHO Website

•  FOPH Website

•  FDFA Travel Advice “Focus Coronavirus” (de, fr, it) Website


Please do not hesitate to contact this office in case of further questions. We will try to assist where and however we can.


Kind regards, 


Bernadette Hunkeler Brown, Consul General

and the team of the Consulate General of Switzerland