CSA Delegates Elections 2021


The term of your current four CSA Oceania Delegates ends mid 2021, and elections are being held in Australia starting the process early in 2021.


- by Beat Knoblauch, CSA Delegate, Sydney -


The elections are not possible the way we had them in 2017 with the help of the electronic voting system put at disposal by the Canton of Geneva. Therefore, your Delegates have opted to make use of the Swiss Review, as this will be the only means of a democratic election process, as the Swiss Review reaches almost all registered Swiss in Australia, thus guaranteeing a wider participation. In consequence, candidates will be called on via the Swiss Review to present themselves for election. Conditions and required profiles will be mentioned in the Swiss Review for all candidates in future.


We, the four elected CSA Delegates, have no access to a data bank of all registered Swiss in Australia. Only the Consulate General in Sydney has that data, but, for privacy reasons, they cannot be released. Nevertheless, we try through the coming issues of the Swiss Review in 2021 to be able to present a list of potential candidates to the electorate to the many Swiss in Australia. The election process will be by postal ballot -- instructions will follow early 2021 via the first issues of the Swiss Review.


The recent (September 2020) incorporation of the 'Swiss Alliance Australia Inc.' is the organiser of these elections, as demanded by the Council of the Swiss Abroad. The old election system via the Swiss Clubs are a very narrow selection process with only a handful of electors determining the outcome.


The current Delegates, Carmen Trochsler (Adelaide, SA), Katja Wallimann Gates (Brisbane, QLD), Roland Isler (Melbourne, VIC) and Beat Knoblauch (Sydney, NSW) are all standing for re-election.

Hand putting ballot paper into ballot box
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