Offering free, up-to-date advice on issues relating to emigration, living abroad and returning to Switzerland.


The Secretariat, the OSA’s permanent administrative office, is located in the Swiss capital of Bern. Here, a motivated team provides a multitude of services to Swiss Abroad around the world. Several affiliated organisations, such as the Foundation for Young Swiss Abroad and educationsuisse are also administered by the Secretariat.


It is a modern service centre with a wide variety of specialised services available to all Swiss expatriates. Information, advice and details can be provided on social security and health insurance, military service, education and training matters. In addition, the OSA organises holiday camps, sports activities and numerous other offers for young Swiss Abroad.


The Legal Department has been set-up to advise Swiss citizens living abroad on general legal questions concerning Swiss law. It deals in particular with social security insurance matters and informs those considering emigrating or returning to Switzerland on their rights and obligations.