Keeping Swiss Abroad informed and in touch with current affairs and politics in Switzerland. 


The OSA publishes the magazine Swiss Review. It is the only medium to reach all Swiss Abroad households, providing them with information about Switzerland and keeping them up-to-date about Swiss current affairs. It reports politically neutral on issues that are of interest to Swiss Abroad. Special emphasis is given to politics and government information and announcements, enabling Swiss citizens living abroad to exercise their voting rights in a responsible and informed manner and strengthens their ties with the home country.


The magazine was launched in 1973 and is published six times per year in German, French, Italian, English and Spanish in 14 regional editions. It has a total circulation of over 420,000, including 140,000 electronic copies. Regional news appear four times a year. CSA member, Roland Isler is the regional editor for Oceania.


The OSA also publishes the online newsletter ASOInfo. It is distributed several times a year and deals with topics relating to the expatriate community. I addition, a special information bulletin is regularly produced for the members of the Parliamentary Group ‘Swiss Abroad’.


swissinfo is an enterprise of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) in affiliation with the OSA. Its role is to inform Swiss living abroad about events in their homeland and to raise awareness of Switzerland worldwide. The ten-language internet information platform offers up-to-date news and reports about Switzerland with text, audio, pictures and video. Editorial priorities are politics, business, social affairs, travel and culture, science and technology.


The OSA is also responsible for contacts with the Swiss media and for press releases informing the Swiss media and the public about issues related to Swiss Abroad.