Offering a wide range of services to strengthen the bond among Swiss Abroad as well as between the Swiss public and its expatriate community.


At present, around 776,300 registered Swiss live abroad, that amounts to around 11% of the entire Swiss population.  33,000 or 4% of the Swiss Abroad live in our region of Oceania. This expatriate community forms a multilingual and multicultural patchwork that is present on every continent. It makes an important contribution to Switzerland – hence the importance of building, strengthening and maintaining strong links. The OSA does this through a network of around 750 Swiss associations and institutions worldwide.


Several hundred Swiss living all over the world meet at the annual Congress of the Swiss Abroad which is organised by the OSA and takes place in a different city in Switzerland each year. As well as giving members the opportunity to share their views on topical subjects, these conferences also strengthen bonds between expatriates and facilitate contacts with the Swiss authorities and the public back home.


In 2010 the OSA devised and created the internet platform This  platform is now integrated in the new revised online presence of the OSA. Its aim is to strengthen the link between the Swiss Abroad and Switzerland. It is designed and tailored to meet the needs of Swiss people worldwide, a global network that keeps Swiss people all over the world connected.


Youth Offers


Programs and services for Swiss children and young people abroad


In association with its partner organisations, the OSA offers a variety of programs and services for Swiss children and young people living abroad. The holiday and training stays in Switzerland provide an exciting experience and opportunity to get to know the country and people and make friends with other young Swiss of their own age from all over the world. 


In 2017 the Foundation for Young Swiss Abroad (FYSA) celebrated its centenary. It was established as a charity during WW1 in order to provide Swiss children living in disaster-torn areas abroad to enjoy a couple of weeks of respite with host families in Switzerland. For programs designed for children under 15 years of age, see the FYSA website:


Camp La Punt 2018

Camp Les Diablerets 2018/19


For information about leisure and training opportunities for young Swiss living abroad (15 to 20 year old) click here or visit their facebook page.

Camp Saas-Grund 2017/18

New Year's Camp Les Diablerets 2018


Swiss schools and Swiss educational projects abroad


In partnership with educationsuisse the OSA supports Swiss educational projects on four continents including 18 federally approved Swiss schools abroad, providing education based on Swiss principles for over 7,500 children. In mid 2017, the Swiss School Beijing opened – the first of its kind in China and the first new Swiss school abroad in more than three decades. educationsuisse advices and supports young Swiss Abroad as well as students enrolled in Swiss Schools abroad, who wish to pursue or complete their education or training in Switzerland. For more information click here.