Council of the Swiss Abroad (CSA)

Elected Council Members for Australia for the term 2017-2021: 


Carmen Trochsler



I moved to Adelaide with my family in 2010. What was meant to be a short ‘Aussie adventure’ turned into a permanent stay. Whilst I am much immersed in Australian life and culture, I enjoy being in touch with other Swiss across Australia. We all differ in why we are here and what we do, but our roots and culture unite us.


I was elected as a member of the CSA mid-term in 2015. Having worked many years in the Swiss judicial system and Swiss Federal Government my contacts and first-hand experience on the Swiss political process prove useful. I am used to interpret and draft legal texts and to mediate between different stakeholders.


Swiss politics and regulations can become very relevant all of a sudden. Many of us will receive a Swiss pension, our children may want to study in Switzerland or we are affected by the tightened conditions of the Swiss banks. For problems to be identified and addressed efficiently, I strongly believe in the benefits of a strong network and good communication.


With my fellow delegate Roland Isler I created this website in 2016 to reach out to the Swiss and be present online. You can subscribe to our newsletter and also find CSA Oceania on social media


If you have a question or an experience to share please get in touch.