CSA – Achievements


There are many achievements where the CSA has played a decisive role in their implementation:

  • Swiss Citizenship Act 1953, allowing women with a foreign spouse to hold on to their Swiss citizenship;
  • the inclusion of Swiss living abroad in the Federal Constitution in 1966;
  • maintaining optional old-age and disability insurance (AHV/IV);
  •  several civil rights revisions in favour of Swiss living abroad;
  •  promotion of training for young Swiss abroad;
  •  the introduction of the right to vote by mail;
  •  loss of livelihood protection for political reasons (the Solidarity Fund ‘Soliswiss’);
  •  aid to Swiss victims of natural disasters (the Schnyder von Wartensee Foundation);
  • financial emergency help to Swiss returnees (the E.O. Kilcher Foundation);
  •  www.SwissCommunity.org – the platform for the Swiss Abroad launched in 2010;
  •  involvement in the creation of the ‘Swiss Abroad Act’;
  •  lobbying for the introduction of e-voting (ongoing).

All these deserve to be highlighted as major achievements. It is also thanks to the activities of the CSA that the presence and importance of the Swiss Abroad within the public, the media and the government back in Switzerland has increased significantly over the years. 


OSA Conference 2016 Council of the Swiss Abroad
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the OSA, the Council of the Swiss Abroad met in the National Council chamber at the Federal Parliament in Bern, August 2016