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Have you heard of the Swiss Review? The Swiss Review is a free magazine for all Swiss Abroad who are registered with a Swiss representation. For more information click here.


Our Newsletter

Specifically for the Oceania region, the six delegates of the Council of the Swiss Abroad publish a newsletter. The newsletter provides information about any changes, events or news that are relevant for people living in this region. The Newsletter appears about 4 times a year. 

Reports of the Meetings of the Council of the Swiss Abroad

The delegates from all over the world meet twice a year in Switzerland to discuss current topics and decide on important matters. The meetings are streamed live from the ASO webpage and can be viewed on SwissCommunity’s youtube channel any time after. Summaries of the meetings, as written by the CSA Oceania delegates, can be found below:

Topics of Interest

Swiss Banks

Since 2008 it has become increasingly difficult for the Swiss Abroad to open or maintain a bank account in Switzerland within reasonable conditions. 

The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA) has undertaken several interventions in order to find a solution to this problem, which affects a considerable number of Swiss citizens abroad. 



Swiss OASI (Old Age and Survivor's insurance)

Anyone wishing to take out voluntary OASI cover should apply to the Swiss Compensation Office (SCO) in Geneva within one year of leaving the compulsory OASI scheme. 


The Swiss OASI is not automatically paid out when reaching pension age. You need to apply for your OASI. It is recommended to apply about 5-6 months in advance. There are several forms to be filled out with documentation to be submitted to the OASI office in Geneva. All information and list of documents required are available and listed online. If you do not apply you will not receive any OASI. The OASI Office in Geneva will not send you a prior notification for eligibility. 


For FAQ regarding the OASI click here.


Why do some apply for the Swiss OASI (Old Age and Survivor's Insurance) AHV before reaching the regular pension age? Read more in this article by Peter Ehrler, Elected Member of the Swiss Abroad, Representing New Zealand. 


Australia – Automatic tax data collection from 2017

Australia and Switzerland have signed a revised tax treaty. The agreement includes the automatic exchange of information. The revised treaty enters in force on 1.1.2018, however data will be collected in both countries from 2017 and then exchanged from 2018. 

For more information click here.


New Zealand – Latest on the Swiss AHV / NZ Pension Issue

Why not apply and receive your Swiss Pension (AHV) 2 or 3 years earlier? Food for thought in an article by Peter Ehrler, Elected Member of the Swiss Abroad, Representing New Zealand. Read here.


The Swiss AHV/AVS and NZ Pension has been a long standing issue in need for a solution,  as New Zealand automatically deducts the Swiss Pension from the NZ Pension. In the context of the federal consulation process to a new automatic information exchange treaty between Switzerland and New Zealand, the Swiss Society of New Zealand voiced their opinion. They were urging the Swiss Government not to sign anything with New Zealand until the AHV/Pension issue is resolved. In December 2017, the Swiss Parliament voted vor the introduction of the treaty despite all efforts to delay this approval. More information here.