Council of the Swiss Abroad (CSA)

Elected Council Member for New Zealand for the term 2017-2021: 


Peter Ehrler



I was born in New Zealand to Swiss parents. I am married and together with my wife Verena we have two children and three grandchildren. Our daughter lives in Switzerland and our son in Fiji.


Between the age of 17 and 55 I lived in Switzerland (Bremgarten AG) and worked as an Air Traffic Controller and Daily Ops Manager in Zürich Tower and Approach and part-time commercial helicopter pilot, returning to New Zealand with my Swiss wife in 2010 to retire. It goes without saying that I also did my military duties in Switzerland. I was discharged at the age of 55 having done close to 1500 days in the Air Force.


I am a member of the Taranaki Swiss Club and live in New Plymouth. In 2013 I was elected as a member of the Council of the Swiss Abroad representing New Zealand. I believe it is important that our interests are heard and represented not only in Switzerland but also, if necessary, in New Zealand.


I am politically very interested and intend to participate at every Congress of the Swiss Abroad.


Job: Retired

T: +64 6 753 34 41 / Email