The ‘Swiss Review’ magazine is published by the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA). It was launched in 1973 and appears six times per year in German, French, English and Spanish in 14 regional editions. The magazine is published both in printed form and as an online version. It has a total circulation of 431,000, including 253,000 electronic copies. The circulation in Oceania is 22,000 – 13,700 of which are electronic copies.


Free and automatic delivery

All Swiss Abroad who are registered with a Swiss representation receive the magazine free of charge. Its purpose is to provide them with information about Switzerland and keeping them up-to-date about Swiss current affairs. It reports politically neutral on issues that are of interest to Swiss Abroad. Special emphasis is given to politics and government information and announcements, enabling Swiss citizens living abroad to exercise their voting rights in a responsible and informed manner and strengthens their ties with the home country.


Get the ‘Swiss Review’ online

The current issue and many years of archived editions of the ‘Swiss Review’ as well as the ‘Regional News Oceania’ are available to view or download on the OSA website (click on the Swiss Review tab on the top of the page). Or get the ‘Swiss Review’ app for your smartphone or tablet:

Managing your subscription

Your consular representation is responsible for all subscription matters. The editorial team does not have access to your address or administrative details. Therefore, any issue/request should be addressed to the Swiss Embassy of Switzerland in Wellington or to the Consulate General in Sydney, depending on where you are domiciled/registered.

IMPORTANT: To ensure that delivery runs smoothly, please inform your consular representation immediately of any change of address (postal or email).


Regional News Oceania

Eight pages of regional news are included in four out of the six issues that appear per year. The ‘Regional News Oceania’ focuses on the activities of the local community and on providing consular information.

The schedule for 2022 is as follows:


1/22 - February

2/22 - April

3/22 - July

4/22 - August

5/22 - October

6/22 - December

Editorial Deadline




no regional issue


no regional issue

Publishing Date







Editorial contributions and advertising from the community are always welcome. Please contact CSA member, Roland Isler who is the regional editor for the ‘Regional News Oceania’.


Online instead of printed

Since 2010, the ‘Swiss Review’ has been delivered as an online edition as standard. This means that anyone whose email address is registered with a Swiss representation will receive the magazine by email unless they have expressly registered for the printed version.


COVID-19 has impacted greatly on the postal service resulting in enormous delays in the delivery of the printed hard copy. We encourage those who currently receive the printed edition to switch to the electronic version. Printing and postage are huge expenditure items and shipping is not always the most ecologically sensible option. Apart from saving cost and doing the right thing by the environment, switching to online also means you will receive the ‘Review’ on time and have access to all content at any time and from any location.


Whether on paper or on a screen, the content of the ‘Swiss Review’ is always identical


How do I switch?

The recommended way is to report the change from print to online (or vice versa) in writing (email or letter) to the Swiss Embassy of Switzerland in Wellington or to the Consulate General in Sydney, depending on where you are domiciled/registered.

Another option is to use the online desk of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), which was created for Swiss Abroad. Then click on > Living abroad > Online desk FDFA. Prior registration is required to use the online desk.


Voluntary subscription fee

As important as it is to keep costs down, the OSA is committed to continue to offer the printed edition of the ‘Review’. Readers who particularly appreciate receiving the printed edition are now able to support it with a voluntary subscription fee. Any support expressed in this way is very much appreciated.


Voluntary subscription fees can be sent to:


Berner Kantonalbank AG, 3001 Bern

Beneficiary: Auslandschweizer-Organisation, Alpenstrasse 26, 3006 Bern

IBAN: CH97 0079 0016 1294 4609 8

Reason for payment: Support Swiss Review