Youth Parliament of the Swiss Abroad (YPSA)


During the Congress of the Swiss Abroad, that took place in Geneva on August 14-15th 2015, a small group of motivated Young Swiss founded the first Parliament for the Young Swiss Abroad (YPSA). They all strongly believe that the opinion of all young citizens living outside of Switzerland should be better represented and more emphasis should be placed on their needs. 


The purpose of YPSA is to create a community for all Young Swiss, aged 15 to 35, living abroad or who lived abroad for at least 10 years. The association provides a platform to connect with all young people, giving everyone the possibility to exchange information, share experiences and opinions. Completely managed by young people, but in close contact with the OSA (Organisation of the Swiss Abroad), YPSA wants to raise awareness on the needs of Young Swiss living abroad, promote activities and organise reunions.


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Youth Parliament of the Swiss Abroad (YPSA)
The founding members who signed a declaration of intent to establish a Youth Parliament for young Swiss Abroad in 2015 at the OSA Congress in Geneva.

The foundation of the Youth Parliament of the Swiss Abroad was supported by the Youth division of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad. However, the Youth Parliament is an independent community and is independent of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad.