Youth Parliament of the Swiss Abroad (YPSA)

The Youth Parliament of the Swiss Abroad (YPSA) is a new youth organisation that is working together closely with the Organisation of Swiss Abroad (OSA). Within Switzerland, we have witnessed a surge in youth associations, youth parliaments that aim to improve the community within a region or a city. Seeing as these projects have turned out to be huge successes, we felt that there was a need for the representation of the young Swiss Abroad community as well.


This is why the Youth Parliament of the Swiss Abroad (YPSA) was founded on 15 August 2015 in Geneva. In October of the same year, we had our first elections through which a committee of 13 members from all over the world was elected. The committee members currently represent five continents: Africa, Europe, North-America, South-America and Oceania. In the future, we hope to expand our reach to other continents as well in order to make the committee more representative of its members who reside in 22 nations across six continents.


YPSA aims to create a sense of community and a link to Switzerland for the young Swiss Abroad between 15 and 35, currently living abroad or who have lived abroad for more than 10 years. By creating a platform, we hope to encourage discussion and political involvement. Furthermore, the committee aims to raise awareness of the needs of the young Swiss Abroad, to promote activities, to provide information, and organise youth conferences. We hope to aid young Swiss Abroad in relating to their roots.


As well as the social aspect that YPSA brings to the young Swiss Abroad community, YPSA will also promote awareness of political rights and responsibilities for young Swiss Abroad, while remaining a non-political association. On our online platform we will provide information about elections and referenda, but also present information on topics such as how Swiss Abroad can study in Switzerland.


We would like to invite you to join our new organisation and help us spread the word in order for our platform to become bigger and reach out to even more young Swiss Abroad. Our online platform can be found on Facebook, under ‘Youth Parliament of the Swiss Abroad (YPSA)’. We are also represented on Instagram under ‘YPSA Switzerland’ and are aiming to increase our presence on other social media as well.


If you have any questions, queries or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us, we welcome your input.


How to be part of it

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Youth Parliament of the Swiss Abroad (YPSA)
The founding members who signed a declaration of intent to establish a Youth Parliament for young Swiss Abroad in 2015 at the OSA Congress in Geneva.

The foundation of the Youth Parliament of the Swiss Abroad was supported by the Youth division of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad. However, the Youth Parliament is an independent community and is independent of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad.


 To find out more about YPSA go to the OSA webpage